I received my PhD at the University of New Hampshire- working in the lab of Dr. Adrienne Kovach. Broadly, I am interested in utilizing genomic approaches to investigate questionsP1000789 in avian ecology, evolution, and conservation. My dissertation research looked at patterns of introgression and spatial-temporal stability of an avian hybrid zone between two tidal marsh endemics: the Nelson’s and Saltmarsh sparrow.

I have been awarded an NSF postdoctoral fellowship to combine genomic approaches and archived biological specimens to evaluate temporal stability of the Nelson’s-Saltmarsh sparrow hybrid zone. I am also applying genomic approaches within a comparative framework to identify genes linked to tidal marsh adaptations in a suite of sparrow species. I am pursuing these research questions at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the lab of Dr. Irby Lovette

Our work contributes to a range-wide collaborative effort geared toward the conservation of tidal marsh birds – check out their website!: Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program.

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